Mr. Window Tinting is located, since 1978, in Hollywood, Florida.  We have completed over 23,000 residential & commercial projects with window film in all South Florida & The Caribbean and specialize in "Factory Lifetime Guaranteed" safety and security window laminate technology. We sell and install top quality regular window tinting and safety/security laminates that get installed with our patented attachment system that anchors the film to the frame of the glass, holding the window intact when broken. Mr. Window Tinting offers varying shades of laminate as well as a clear laminate that Is virtually transparent.  And, unlike traditional safety precautions such as window bars or wired glass, our laminate doesn't distort the view through the glass. 

In today's ever-changing world, we at Mr. Window Tinting like you, recognize the need for protection. Our laminates offer you protection by:

1) Holding shattered glass together after an impact. 

2) Acting as a smash and grab deterrent against burglars. 

3) Glass protection during hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, etc. 

4) Rejecting up to 79% of the heat at the glass, keeping your home 
or business cool and saving  energy costs. 

5) Reducing fading of fabrics and furnishings by rejecting up to 99% 
of ultraviolet transmittance. 

6) Providing auto glass protection against burglaries and guarding 
loved ones during a collision. 

7) Providing high-end bomb blast and explosive resistance (GSA Registered) 

8) Resisting penetration to .38 caliber, 9mm, 357 magnum when 
correctly applied to ½" glass. 

While we provide superior protection from someone breaking into your home, business or auto, our laminate holds the glass shards together allowing protection from being hurt by flying glass.  Unlike burglar bars or wired glass, the glass can be kicked out from the inside and since the laminate is also on the inside the individual is protected.You cant get in, but you can get out. 

We are on time and you'll know exactly how long it will take us as we schedule your tinting project with you.

Please call us for your free estimate or send me an email, it's always great to hear 
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