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                What Broward Professional Tinting Will Do? 
 It makes for year-round comfort, Broward Professional Tinting helps regulate the temperature imbalances between the sunny and shady areas of your car. No matter where the sun is, cars, homes and offices stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, occupants are more comfortable... and more productive. 

                         How Does Window Tinting Save?  
Very impressive energy savings. Watch the numbers drop on those HVAC costs when you install it. It can keep out as much as 80% of the sun's heat and dramatically lower air conditioning costs. In winter, the same product will help retain interior heat, reducing heating costs. The return on investment can be impressive. 

                      Does Window Tinting Increase Safety? 
Splintered, flying shards is one of the dangerous consequences of disasters, either natural or man-made. MWT's Protekt is specifically designed to help hold broken shards in place and lessen the chance of injury and property damage. It can also make forced entry more difficult. 

              Can Window Tinting Give Protection From Fading? 
The Sun's UV Rays can wreak havoc on your interior furnishings and merchandise, fading them and shortening their useful life. MWT products screen out up to 99% of those harmful rays. 

             Can Window Tinting Enhance Buildings Appearance? 
MWT products make building exteriors more attractive by eliminating visual clutter and imparting a uniform appearance. 

                          Can Window Tinting Reduce Glare? 
Glare causes eye fatigue and lower productivity. Drawing curtains or closing blinds is a claustrophobic approach at best, and it drives up the bill for artificial lighting. MWT products let in the light but not the glare, and help maintain an "open" feeling. 

                     What Is Standard Reflective Window Tinting? 
This is a maximum efficiency product for superior heat reflection in summer. Available in silver, gray and bronze. 

                  What Is Insulux And Neutralux® Window Tinting? 
Two products offering greater comfort through summer heat rejection and winter heat retention, while transmitting more light than traditional product. Insulux available in natural and bronze tones, Neutralux in neutral gray and bronze. 

                                          What Is Duralux®? 
A tough, weatherable product applied to the exterior side when the interior surface is not easily accessible (skylights, well above ground level, obstructed due to dropped ceilings, etc.) Great for spandrel glass and multi-glazed windows. Duralux's Kynar 500 coating allows it to stand up to urban game, acid rain, blistering sun, and wind-driven sand. 

                                           What Is Protekt®? 
Hurricanes, earthquakes, high winds, tornados, explosions, accidents, vandalism, terrorist bombings - natural and man-made disasters can unleash a hail of flying shards that can be destructive and even deadly. 
                                       MWT's Safety/Security 
products are specially structured and strengthened with a patented mounting adhesive. Forming a tough, protective shield, the adhesive works with the product to provide exceptional resistance to impact and explosive pressure, resulting in a reduction of shattering airborne shards. 

products also makes forced entry more difficult. When store displays are broken, everything can remain mostly intact, deterring "smash and grab" theft. 
 Most MWT's products will pass the 150 ft./lb. impact requirement and ANSI Z97.I Safety Glazing Standard. Certain thicker products the meet the 400 ft./lb. ANSI criteria as well as the Category II requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials, CPSC 16 CFR 12012*. 
                                         Independent Test Lab
Reports on impact and weathering are available upon request. When you choose film, make it MWT. It makes all the difference in the world... 

                                *Get a Free Energy Savings Analysis
To find out just what your potential air conditioning and heating savings could be with MWT, ask your MWT representative to prepare a computerized Energy Savings Analysis. It's free for buildings with more than five thousand square feet of area. 

                                         Professional Installation
  *Get a professional installation and a solid guarantee. MWT's installation's are done by factory trained professionals, within an accurately estimated time period, with a minimum of disruption. 

Once installed, all our products carry a factory-backed LIFETIME GUARANTEE
Lifetime Guaranteed "Factory Fresh" 
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